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Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are the de Man family: Robert de Man, Joyce de Man and Kick de Man. An independent business in the hospitality sector since 1995. Kick joined our team in 2003.

Once you have children, everything changes, especially going on holiday. You suddenly need to take so many things into consideration, not to hot, not too cold, paddling pool, afternoon naps, cot, no beaches with sharp drops into the sea, no rocks, no large waves... and once the children are older; will they be able to amuse themselves? Is there enough to do? Will they make friends? Will there be anything for them to eat?

We grappled with these issues in the early years, because you also want the holiday to be enjoyable for yourself... after all, you already cater to their needs the whole year.

So we came up with the idea of renting out our own home with swimming pool in Spain..., but where? After some googling, we decided on Moraira! It appealed to us immediately... authentic, no high rise buildings, not too tourist oriented, a fishing village, a marina, many shops, restaurants and terraces, sandy beaches, a bay, beaches without steep drops into the sea, always sunny (320 days of the year), hardly any rain, a pleasant temperatures, enough local entertainment for young and old, tennis courts (our little boy loves playing tennis), in short, this was it!

We found all this information on the Xenofilia site, run by two Dutch brothers who rent out holiday homes and live there themselves. A large house, Xenofilia I... 4 rooms, 4 bathrooms, heated swimming pool and private tennis court... This is it!

We went to Spain as a party of seven, including all granddads and grandmas. We had a super holiday and everything about Moraira was true, exactly what we were looking for! Everything is finished to a high standard, the streets, street furniture, stunning roundabouts with artworks. We have seen a great deal, but this was fantastic! You might expect St. Tropez prices...far from it, a glass of wine on the beach costs € 2.- and it is no more expensive to eat out in the restaurants and on the terraces than it is in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, we have returned countless times, including to Xenofilia I a few times without grandma and granddad, but with a little friend for Kick.

The only disadvantage to renting a house is that you need a car for everything... shopping, going to the beach, and the children are a little restricted to the house and the immediate area. Therefore, we rented an apartment in the centre the last few times. That way our son, now 11, could simply go to the beach and come back to the apartment on his own. There was also no need to bring along a friend anymore, there are plenty of children on the beach and there is plenty to do... Football, volleyball, fishing, crab hunting, snorkelling, playing in the waves, and of course, swimming. When we return from the beach, we enjoy drinking a glass of wine and eating tapas on the balcony. Of course, that does not appeal to Kick and he does not like tapas. He then goes and collects a pizza for himself from the pizzeria 100 meters away and plays a game on his iPad. Everyone is happy! 

We also went once in January, and in the spring holidays... what was that like? Well, still 20 degrees, sunny, and not at all dull!

Should we look at buying a property here? However, we don’t have time to go frequently ourselves... could we rent it out when not there ourselves?

The rest is history... so come and discover this jewel on the Costa Blanca and enjoy our luxury apartment. 


Robert, Joyce and Kick

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